About Damell

Damilola Elliot

Damilola Elliott

It all started as a hobby…..I always knew I had creative traits, but not sure what is was. Back in High School, I used to sketch really well (need to pick that up again)lol! Later on….I got my first 2 megapixel “point and shoot” camera. I really loved that camera! Shot my first Wedding with it. From then, it was clear that Photography was going to be a major communications tool for me….even though I majored in Architecture!

I really enjoy shooting weddings. So many priceless moments and emotions to capture. The expressions of an excited bride and ecstatic groom are just priceless! When I’m not globe-trotting to photograph a wedding or social event, it’s very likely I’m capturing a sunset, stiching up panoramas for a landscape, shooting an industrial facility or clicking away on the back seat of a helicopter for some aerial shots.

The bottom line…..I LOVE MY JOB!

With this blog, I’ll be sharing several images captured from over the years and new ones as they happen.

I certainly wouldn’t accomplish much on my own, without a skilled and dedicated team. They sure make Damell Photography “rock”. Thanks guys. Clients that have become great friends over the years….you are the best! My number one fan, partner and wife…..Thanks babe.

Though based in Lagos, Nigeria,  it’ll certainly be an honour to be of service to you anywhere on the planet….would actually love to shoot in space someday! Hehehe